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Professional Lightning Protection

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Over 20 years experience in lighting protection
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Supply both low-residual-voltage and high-energy industrial disc varistors

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Special manufacturer of MOV for SPD and onboard SPD

     Main drafter of China National Varistor Standard

     Vice-chairman and vice secretary general of China Varistor Technology Committee

Company History of GuiYang High-Tec. YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd.  


2000 Guizhou Flyboat Electronic Co., Ltd. founded.

2004 A new production line has been built and passed ISO9001 quality assurance system certification.

2005 Participated drafting national standards Components for low-voltage surge protective devices: Specification for metal oxide varistor (MOV).

2008 Proposed the conception of concentrating the breakdown point of power current disc in the middle.

2009 The self-created breakdown point concentrating technology achieved the breakthrough and applied to production.

2010 Establishment of GuiYang High-Tec. YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd.

2011 Being the world's first company who achieved the 34S series MOV`s industrial frequency break point locked in the chip center radius of 1cm area, MOV frequency break point from random to controllable implementation.

2012 Launch of independent intellectual property rights, which has safety anti-lightning varistors with self-protection (Safe Metal Oxside Varistor) 

2014 Participated in the revision of international standard IEC 61643-331

2016 Participate in the drafting of industry standards Technology specification for metal oxide varistor (MOV) of surge protectice device (SPD).

2015 Annual production of MOV reached more than 6 million, while SMOV and SPD reached more than 2 million.

2016 A lightning protection product laboratory with 120kA 8/20μs, 15kA 10/350μs lightning simulation test-bed, 800A2mS square wave energy withstand test machine, power frequency fault overvoltage simulation test bench, high-temperature load aging life test box, damp heat resistance test box and other professional detection equipment are constructed.

2017 Obtain certification of UL

2018 Obtain certification of TÜV

2020 A 9000㎡ standardized workshop has been built with an annual output of 15 million MOV and 3 million on-board SPD.

GuiYang Hi-Tec YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd has been founded in October 2010. We have devoted to metal oxide varistor (MOV), surge protective devices (SPD), and related technology services for more than 20 years. As a national high-tech enterprise, we have strong research and development (R&D) ability and competitive technological strength. Also, We keep a long-term close cooperation with Guizhou University and obtain patents for many extraordinary inventions.


The legal person Mr. Zihao Fei is a well-known varistor technology expert who served in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) SC37B for 5 years and Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) for 15 years. He participated in drawing up the international standard: IEC61643-331.2017:  Components for Low-Voltage Surge Protective Devices Part 331: Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV). Besides, Mr Zihao Fei is also the main drafter of the national standard: GB18802.331.2020: Components for low-voltage surge protective devices Part 331: Performance requirements and test methods for metal oxide varistors (MOV).


Supported by various R&D special funds, the performance of our products has reached the top level in China and been acknowledged by Chinese top manufacturers, most of our products have got UL and TUV certifications. Moreover, our company has obtained ISO 9001:2018 quality management system certification. Our well-functioned operating system ensures the consistency and stability of our product performance, which in turn creates a sustainable market competitiveness.


We have built a modern standard workshop with an area of 9000 square meters, hired more than 100 skillful employees, and set up three modern production lines with annual output of 15 million 34S’s standard MOV and 3 million onboard SPD. We also own a complete list of testing equipment, including 120kA 8/20μs and 15kA 10/350μs lightning tester, 2 ms rectangular surge tester, power frequency temporary overvoltage (TOV) tester, high temperature aging test chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber, which effectively guarantees the safety and reliability of our product performance. We have solved plenty of challenging problems in MOV and SPD production. We have also helped our clients solve many difficult problems about related technological applications and created great value for our customers. 







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