Company History of GuiYang High-Tec. YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Company History of GuiYang High-Tec. YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd.  


2000 Guizhou Flyboat Electronic Co., Ltd. founded.

2004 A new production line has been built and passed ISO9001 quality assurance system certification.

2005 Participated drafting national standards Components for low-voltage surge protective devices: Specification for metal oxide varistor (MOV).

2008 Proposed the conception of concentrating the breakdown point of power current disc in the middle.

2009 The self-created breakdown point concentrating technology achieved the breakthrough and applied to production.

2010 Establishment of GuiYang High-Tec. YiGe Electronic Co., Ltd.

2011 Being the world's first company who achieved the 34S series MOV`s industrial frequency break point locked in the chip center radius of 1cm area, MOV frequency break point from random to controllable implementation.

2012 Launch of independent intellectual property rights , which has safety anti-lightning varistors with self-protection (Safe Metal Oxside Varistor) 


2014 Participated in the revision of international standard IEC 61643-331

2016 Participate in the drafting of industry standards Technology specification for metal oxide varistor (MOV) of surge protectice device (SPD).

2015 Annual production of MOV reached more than 6 million, while SMOV and SPD reached more than 2 million.

2016 A lightning protection product laboratory with 120kA 8/20μs, 15kA 10/350μs lightning simulation test-bed, 800A2mS square wave energy withstand test machine, power frequency fault overvoltage simulation test bench, high-temperature load aging life test box, damp heat resistance test box and other professional detection equipment are constructed.

2017 Obtain certification of UL

2018 Obtain certification of TÜV

2020 A 9000㎡ standardized workshop has been built with an annual output of 15 million MOV and 3 million on-board SPD.